Our History

A group of six friends saw the need to recruit and provide early support  for  conservative women candidates at all levels of government in order for “common sense, pocket book” women to compete with liberal women candidates.

VOICES of Conservative Women was formed in late 2009 as a nonpartisan State Political Action Committee (VOICESPAC) in Minnesota. Our focus is on promoting fiscal responsibility, limited government and free-market principles.

The goal was to not only give direct financial support to candidates, but raise money from our supporters to promote our core values: fiscal responsibility, limited government and free market principles. In addition to donating funds to candidates, VOICESPAC would aggressively campaign to elect our endorsed candidate through independent expenditures, especially in competitive races at all levels of government. 

In 2010, VOICESPAC made Minnesota history by conducting the first ever independent expenditure campaign  by any Women’s Political Action Committee in their own right.

VOICESPAC executed a series of independent expenditures in support of our  “Key Races” (endorsed legislative races).  In our key races, we focused on appealing to the women voters in each district across all age brackets.

VOICESPAC completed a series of candidate support mailers: positive and contrast pieces. We produced a three (3) week candidate local radio buy and paired it with a web video that we released on the VOICES YouTube Channel in support of one of our endorsed candidates. VOICESPAC provided a strong 48 and 72-hr Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) effort through focused literature drops and advocacy calls for several endorsed candidates.

In our first year, two-thirds of our endorsed candidates were elected to state legislative seats and local offices.  In our endorsed key legislative races, 87.5% of our endorsed candidates prevailed on election day 2010. We exceeded all of our first year goals and began to plan for our expansion.

In 2011, VOICES of Conservative Women was reorganized as a 501(c)4 nonpartisan, nonprofit organization with a connected political action fund (VOICES of Conservative Women State PAC).

Our goal remains the same: work to promote and advocate for our core values and elect more pocketbook, common sense women to elected office in State Legislative seats and at the local level. 

We believe that working together, we can make a difference one woman at a time.

Now, we are ready to help recruit and support a second – and even larger – generation of women leaders at all levels of government in Minnesota and beyond.

Our Mission

VOICES of Conservative Women (VOICES) was formed to help train and support the next generation of women leaders and/or candidates at all levels of government who support fiscal responsibility, limited government and free market principles. VOICES will work to educate the general public on key issues and on the need to elect leaders who support those ideals.