BUDGET ALERT ~ Contact your elected leaders today

“In tough economic times, our government needs to reevaluate it’s spending choices to reduce burdens on family budgets. It’s time to demand that our leaders revamp “Government as Usual” and lead us to responsible government. Families and business need our leaders to show common sense leadership in order to turn our economy around and reign in the size of Government. Individuals from all across America are standing up to reckless Government Spending and demanding our leaders be fiscally responsible with our money. ”

Americans want common sense leaders who understand that you can’t spend more than you have because it is bankrupting our nation!

Policies that represent the interests of big government are not representing the interests of the American people.

The time is now for men and women to act and make your voice heard!   There is no time to wait!

Contact your elected leaders at the National and State Legislators today!