Leadership Awards

VOICESPAC Honors Legislative and Local Leaders with “Voice of Fiscal Conservatism” Award

Saint Paul, Minnesota, August 16, 2010 – VOICES of Conservative Women (VOICESPAC) is pleased to honor eight Minnesota state legislative leaders and four local leaders with the VOICESPAC’s 2010 “Voice of Fiscal Conservatism” Awards.

The legislative leaders – three (3) State Senators, five (5) State Representatives – as well as the four (4) local leaders were selected by VOICESPAC because they are firm supporters of fiscal responsibility, limited government and free market principles. They are effective communicators who work to make their voices as well as the voices of their communities heard.

“The VOICES of Conservative Women PAC is proud to provide “Voice of Fiscal Conservatism” awards to these leaders for their commitment to fiscal responsibility and for making their voices heard on behalf of the working families of Minnesota,” said Jennifer DeJournett, Director of VOICES of Conservative Women. She added, “These leaders understand that in order for our economy to grow, government must live within its means. Our state and local governments need leaders who will curb spending and keep tax burdens low, so our business economy can grow and families can feel financially secure. We ALL prosper in a healthy, growing economy.”

VOICESPAC reviewed the legislative and/or public records of these leaders and their positions on key decisions, as well as their public stances and stated plans for Minnesota and their own communities. VOICESPAC will continue its work of reviewing the actions and decisions of other leaders in Minnesota and provide additional recognition to those individuals that make their voice heard on issues related to fiscal responsibility, limited government and free market principles.

“VOICESPAC was formed as way to illustrate that women care about pocketbook issues and want to support leaders who respect their money. Now more than ever, we need to recognize leaders who are committed to making sure our money is spent wisely and effectively in 2010 and beyond,” DeJournett concluded.

2010 “Voice of Fiscal Conservatism” Award

Name, Office and City/District

Senator Debbie Johnson, Senate District 49

Senator Amy Koch, Senate District 19

Senator Julianne Ortman, Senate District 34

Representative Laura Brod, House District 25A, former

Representative Mary Kiffmeyer, House District 16B

Representative Mary Liz Holberg, House District 36A

Representative Joyce Peppin, House District 32A

Representative Peggy Scott, House District 49A

Rhonda Sivarajah, County Commissioner, Anoka

Robyn West, County Commissioner, Anoka

Kelli Slavik, Mayor, City of Plymouth

Mary Giuliani Stephens, City Council, City of Woodbury