First Ever Women’s Presidential Straw Poll

VOICES of Conservative Women and Smart Girl Politics Action teamed up this summer to empower women to make their voices heard  early in the Presidential selection process.

Smart Girl Politics Action (SGP) and VOICES of Conservative Women (VOICES) co-hosted the first ever Women’s Presidential Straw Poll  conducted at the Smart Girl Summit in St. Louis on July 29th and 30th.   

The Straw Poll has conducted by VOICES of Conservative Women in partnership with Smart Girl Politics.     Smart Girl Summit 2011 (SGS11) was attended by conservative women of all ages and from all across the country.   

The results were announced at the conclusion of conference. 2011 Women’s Straw Poll StrawPoll Results

Women voters outvote their male counterparts in every election cycle since 1980.  The opportunity for women to have their voices heard early in the presidential selection process is a monumental step and will be a key indicator on the early presidential choice for women voters.   

In addition, the straw poll asked women to indicate what issues are important to them and what solutions they wish to see presented to them. 

Presidential candidates cannot underestimate the importance of appealing to women voters. This Straw Poll was a test of support for potential candidates in the presidential nominating cycle amongst an influential voting demographic. 


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