Running for office is an intensive process. Communicating in the public arena, in-depth knowledge of the latest techniques for fundraising, message development, grassroots organizing, media strategy, voter contact, strategy and discussing policy issues takes skill and practice. 

Running for office also impacts a candidate’s personal and professional life. Excellent time management skills and thinking through the obligations of running for office is a first step in seeking to serve your community.

VOICES of Conservative Women is dedicated to helping candidates find the training they need to feel ready to run and prepared to lead. Our Training Program equips candidates and key campaign staff with the skills they need to gain an advantage in any political situation.  We also work on helping candidates understand how they can make running for office and serving their community fit into their life.  For VOICES, it’s about preparing women to run and lead whether it is in the next election cycle or an election 10 years from now.  We are passionate about making a difference, one elected woman at a time.

The political operatives who conduct our workshops have been in the trenches where they learned how to win tough races. Participants get real-world guidance on how to handle any campaign or personal challenge that may come their way.

We also partner with other like-minded groups and individuals who can provide specialized training, long-term development programs and workshops to help candidates and their staff learn more about the political process and win races in any campaign environment.

No matter if you are considering running for office for the first time,  or you are a seasoned candidate, we seek to serve and help candidates and their staff gain a competitive edge.

Current Training

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Campaign Finance Law Training

Live in Minnesota? Candidates or campaign treasurers may choose to take advantage of free state training on campaign finance limits, regulations, and reporting requirements for a candidate’s campaign committee.

For a training schedule, see Minnesota Campaign Finance Board Training Schedule.

Federal Election Commission:

Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board:

Other states have training as well; visit your state’s Campaign Finance Board for more information.

Need help locating a training program or would like more information?

Email Pamela Svec Punt for more information.