Political Policy by Face Paint

Just last week, the Minnesota State Legislature voted to commit $975 million dollars to build a new Vikings Stadium. Half of that amount was funded by the people of Minnesota (to be clear, our share is about half a billion dollars – $350 million from electronic pull tabs and $150 million from the City of Minneapolis). […]

Sage fundraising advice from Nancy Bocskor, Author of “Go Fish: How to Catch (and Keep) Contributors”

Sage fundraising advice from Nancy Bocskor, Author of “Go Fish: How to Catch (and Keep) Contributors”

As I teach fundraising skills to both political campaigns and non-profit organizations, I remind students of the key component for success: If you don’t believe in the candidate or cause you’re representing, no one else will. Your personal passion […]

Yes, there will be a test (on Election Day)

Fancy speeches and big promises will no longer work. Standing at a podium and telling us lofty visions will always be seen with a skeptical eye. What the new America is longing for is that leader who will walk in the trenches with us, who has seen tough times but yet has prevailed. Vague concepts of “hope” and “change” must be replaced with specific tasks that have measures of progress and effectiveness. The mantra “it was like that when I got here” needs to be replaced by “everything that happens from this point forward, good or bad, is my responsibility”. […]

Dora the Explorer reminds Swiper, “No Swiping!” follow the map to sustainability instead.

Minnesota has been shut down because Swiper is determined to swipe more tax revenue and continue to spend it at an unsustainable rate. It appears that our great state of Minnesota and our nation is divided firmly into two camps. […]

Alice in Political (Wonder)Land

If you have been following politics recently, there has been a steady drumbeat regarding Conservative Women. There have been many articles concluding that only one woman can run for President at a time. (1, 2) Establishment believes that one woman is interchangeable for another. Therefore, the presence of one will clearly undermine the other. One wonders what article would be written if there were women at the top of ticket for both political parties, would the attacks be stronger yet? […]

Trying to figure out who conservative women back for president

Minnesota’s Voices of Conservative Women will ask that question in a first-of-its-kind straw poll of presidential candidates aimed only at women. Voices, an advocacy group that works to elect conservative women at the state and local level, will partner with its older sister, Smart Girl Politics, based in Virginia, to conduct the straw poll at the third annual Smart Girl Summit in July 29 and 30 in St. Louis. […]

The DriveThru Economy

Rather than taking the time to prepare healthy solutions for their constituents, our leaders drive thru their terms with a series of value menu fixes. They feed fast food solutions to one complaining group after another to satisfy them ahead of each election cycle at the same time blaming others for the cause of their unhealthy menu. Unfortunately, our country can no more live on continuous “value menu” entitlements than our children can live on a sole diet of French fries. […]

The Nanny State Strikes Again – No Hand Soap for You!

Our hard-working friends at Smart Girl Politics (SGP) have turned up a new issue that has been notably absent from mainstream media coverage of late. “Beyond Pesticides” and “Food and Water Watch” environmental groups are asking the EPA to ban an antimicrobial agent Triclosan, which is present in many of the products we use every day (hand soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.) In response, the EPA may be wielding its far-reaching authority to regulate the agent. […]

Dora the Explorer in Search of a Budget Solution

I realized today’s Dora episode was analogous to the Minnesota and US Economy and resolving the budget crisis. In this episode, Dora was temporarily rerouted to “Magicland”. She had with her a trusty map that outlined the budget. Swiper was determined to make her overspend. All fun aside, we are in tough economic times. Our economy cannot support continued government spending at this rate. […]

Grocery Store Conversations and Why They Matter

Despite what my husband says, the grocery store is not just for buying groceries and other necessary supplies. The grocery store tends to be the universal hub of a community. It is a place where you see your neighbors, visit with the store clerk, and generally can tell the health of the community at large. If the meat products are fast turning, people have money to spend. If the meat isn’t moving, people are clearly being frugal and more cautious in their economic endeavors. […]