Two New Midwestern PACs Launch

Meanwhile, a few states over in Minnesota, Jennifer DeJournett, a civil engineer who was appointed to the state Commission on National and Community Service by former Gov. Tim Pawlenty, has started VoicesPAC. The new outfit, which grew out of the advocacy organization Voices of Conservative Women, is set up to exclusively endorse conservative female candidates. […]

The Coalition of the Traveling Victimhood

Author: Jennifer DeJournett Recently, there has been a great deal of conversation regarding Local Government Aid (LGA), how to solve the State’s budget crisis, and the entitlement programs that have run rampant through our budget process. The current mantra from the “Coalition of the Traveling Victimhood” is that without LGA, cities all across Minnesota will have no choice but to continue to levy higher property taxes on top of Minnesota families, soon to follow their call will be local school districts and county offices. Their premise is they have no choice but to raise property taxes, and that they must rely on the largess of the State to bail them out, lest they be required to make the painful choices required to steer their own fate. […]

Upstart PAC takes off by backing conservative women

By Cyndy Brucato (MINN POST) | Published Thu, Jan 27 2011 8:09 am Speaking to the woman of the house has put Minnesota women in the House (and the Senate, county and school boards). In 2010, Voices of Conservative Women, a nonpartisan political action committee that endorses only women candidates, elected two-thirds of its endorsed state and local candidates and won 87 percent of its targeted races. Barely a year old, it was the first women’s political action committee in Minnesota to conduct an independent expenditure campaign. […]

How America Won in 2010 and Will Win Again in 2012

Author: Jennifer DeJournett

Since Election Day, the primary theme in articles from women advocacy groups and leftist political leaders has been “women lost in this election cycle” and America is worse for it. Depending on your perspective, it may be true that women did lose numbers this cycle. But these headlines do not tell the […]