VOICESPAC Endorses Andrea Kieffer for MN House of Representatives (53B)

VOICES of Conservative Women State PAC (VOICESPAC) announces their endorsement and support of Representative Andrea Kieffer for Minnesota State House of Representatives (53B). [...]

VOICESPAC endorses WI Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the VOICES of Conservative Women,” Lt. Governor Kleefisch stated. “To have the support of this group of hard-working, dedicated women leaders is encouraging. I am pleased that they have chosen to support my efforts and to make a stand for the fiscally conservative policies that Governor Walker and I have brought to Wisconsin.” [...]

VOICESPAC Endorses Maine’s Debra Plowman, Candidate for U.S Senate

VOICES of Conservative Women State PAC (VOICESPAC) announces their endorsement and support of Maine State Senator Debra Plowman, candidate for the United States Senate. This seat is open due to the retirement of ME Senator Olympia Snowe. [...]

VOICESPAC Endorses Gretchen Hoffman for Congress

“VOICES of Conservative Women proudly endorses Gretchen Hoffman for Congress as a result of her proven record fighting back the disastrous, Collin Peterson-approved Obamacare, her efforts to defeat Governor Dayton’s reckless tax increase proposals and her work to promote the economic freedoms we seek in Minnesota,” said Jennifer DeJournett, President of VOICES of Conservative Women. [...]

VOICESPAC Endorses MN Representative Pam Myhra

“I remain focused on the priorities of promoting job growth by improving the economic environment so businesses start, stay, and thrive in Minnesota; advocating for responsible government through sensible state spending that lives within its means; and protecting family incomes by helping families keep more of what they earn.” Myhra said. [...]

VOICESPAC Endorses MN Senator Michelle Benson

VOICES of Conservative Women State PAC (VOICESPAC) announces their endorsement and support of Michelle Benson for Minnesota State Senate (31). [...]

2011 Campaign Finance Report Released

VOICES of Conservative Women will be filing our VOICESPAC Minnesota Campaign Finance Report today. We have previously filed our VOICESPAC Iowa Campaign Finance report. VOICES of Conservative Women (VOICES) had a strong year in 2011. VOICES expanded from a single state PAC in Minnesota into a national organization in 2011. In addition to supporting candidates, we have continued to work to encourage more women to become involved in the political process at all levels of government. [...]

VOICESPAC Congratulates Lynn Fitch - Mississippi Treasurer

In August, VOICESPAC, a 527 political fund of VOICES, endorsed Lynn Fitch for Mississippi Treasurer. The Mississippi Treasurer serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the State. VOICESPAC congratulates Lynn Fitch who has prevailed in her race for Treasurer of Mississippi. [...]

VOICESPAC Endorses Cindy Golding for Iowa State Senate (18)

Jennifer DeJournett, President and Co-Founder of VOICES of Conservative Women said “Cindy’s impeccable resume, her strong Iowa work ethic and her extraordinary experience in being a job creator make her uniquely qualified to represent her district in the Iowa Senate. Cindy’s clear focus on restraining government spending, creating jobs and focusing on education will benefit her state and her community. We are proud to stand with Cindy and support her campaign,” continued DeJournett. [...]

Yes, there will be a test (on Election Day)

Fancy speeches and big promises will no longer work. Standing at a podium and telling us lofty visions will always be seen with a skeptical eye. What the new America is longing for is that leader who will walk in the trenches with us, who has seen tough times but yet has prevailed. Vague concepts of “hope” and “change” must be replaced with specific tasks that have measures of progress and effectiveness. The mantra “it was like that when I got here” needs to be replaced by “everything that happens from this point forward, good or bad, is my responsibility”. [...]