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ENDORSEMENT from VOICES of Conservative Women

VOICES of Conservative Women State PAC (VOICESPAC) will review and rate candidates for state and local races who request an endorsement. Candidates can be in any state or local election race. (Note: VOICESPAC does not currently screen or endorse judicial candidates. )

To learn more about our process and fill out an application, CLICK HERE.

Past candidates that have received our endorsement have received donations to their campaign funds based on their campaign needs. Candidates can request financial assistance in their endorsement application. VOICESPAC encourages candidates to request funds early in their campaign to ensure that funds are distributed as timely as possible.

VOICESPAC has also conducted independent expenditures (mailers, phone calling, radio/web ads, volunteer efforts, etc.) on behalf of our endorsed candidates. These independent expenditure activities CAN NOT be requested by a candidate or candidate’s committee due to strict campaign finance regulations. All decisions regarding these activities are made independently by the Board of VOICES of Conservative Women.

VOICESPAC will rate/endorse prospective candidates who seek our endorsement. Candidates must contact VOICES of Conservative Women to request endorsement.

While we try to get the word out through our supporters and traditional/social media, we do not blanket every candidate from every race. We will also rate more than one candidate in a race if the candidates apply.