What Candidates Say About VOICESPAC

“VOICES of Conservative Women played an instrumental role in my election success.  Through their efforts and endorsement, thousands of voters in my district were contacted, and I believe that the work of VOICES of Conservative Women helped push me to my 10 point win against a popular incumbent!  Thank you VOICES of Conservative Women for your work and your trust!” ~ Gretchen Hoffman MN State Senator

“Thank you for your tremendous and greatly appreciated support of my candidacy to take conservative, pro-jobs, limited-government voice to the MN legislature. You share in the accomplishment of this victory!” ~ Pam Myhra MN State Representative

“It was exciting to meet so many young conservative women on the campaign trail and share with them my endorsement by VOICES of Conservative Women. We need to get all conservative women – old and young – more involved in our organization. Thank you VOICESPAC!!~ Sondra Erickson MN State Representative-Elect

“Your group did a fantastic job!  I appreciate your support and your hard work.  Thank you for all you did to help my campaign.   I am grateful that you chose to help me.  You accomplished a lot.” ~ Diane Anderson MN State Representative

“VOICESPAC was an amazing help on my campaign for House this year.  The extremely creative mail pieces and the efforts with door knocking really made a difference in helping me to get the message to the voters.  I am extremely grateful for their support and hard work to bring Conservative legislators to victory this election.” ~ Kathy Lohmer MN State Representative

“Thank you Jennifer, Lisa, Pamela, Amy Jo, Anna and Emily for taking the initiative to start the VOICESPAC. I am impressed with the professionalism of the organization and the consistent message conveyed through innovative and objective campaign mailings.” ~ Andrea Kieffer MN State Representative