Reaching Women Voters

VOICES of Conservative Women (VOICESPAC) believe that economic issues are women’s issues. VOICESPAC does more than just elect women. We are working to reach women of all ages, provide them the best information and connect them to elected leaders.

Women turn out to vote in races up and down the ballot and are the difference between winning and losing elections. We believe that the common sense pocket book mom is key to winning elections.  Therefore, we believe it is important to engage these women in political process.

VOICESPAC is committed to ensuring that our voters are engaged, informed, and ready to vote on election day.

We are prepared to deliver a message to women voters, engaging them by talking to them early and often, and learning from their perspective.

VOICESPAC is ready and prepared to turn out women voters on behalf of candidates that support our core principles, up and down ballot.

VOICESPAC humbly asks for your financial support to help us expand our effort to reach women voters. Our work in ongoing and support will help us get ready for elections in 2011 and beyond. 

Please visit our “Make a Contribution” Page to help us make a difference. 

If you would like to volunteer your time to help us with our efforts, please email Pamela Svec Punt.