Alice in Political (Wonder)Land

Alice in Political (Wonder)Land by Jennifer DeJournett

If you have been following politics recently, there has been a steady drumbeat regarding Conservative Women. There have been many articles concluding that only one woman can run for President at a time.  (1, 2Establishment believes that one woman is interchangeable for another.  Therefore, the presence of one will clearly undermine the other.  One wonders what article would be written if there were women at the top of ticket for both political parties, would the attacks be stronger yet?    

There are also vicious attacks on conservative women on a daily basis because they dare to make their voices heard. (3)  There is even a thought that if women do not agree with the big spending, over reaching government agenda, we aren’t “real working women”.   There is a much-discussed “war on women” but the voice of the pocketbook, common sense woman is not included because she might want to speak about fiscal responsibility, limited government and the free market policy.

It is far easier for those in established political thought to believe that all women have the same political viewpoints than it is to adjust their strategy to account for the true range of women’s views.  However, in the last election cycle, women of all ideologies decided to become more politically active.  

Women (across all demographics) since 1980 have outvoted their male counterparts in general elections and special elections.   With the economy faltering, those pocketbook women spoke up, some for the first time.   More importantly, independent and moderate women joined with the pocketbook woman at the ballot box. Together helped elect those leaders interested reforming government and spending less of our hard earned taxpayer dollars on ever expanding big government programs that have little accountability. (4)

The political establishment is trying to silence the voice of the pocketbook woman in the 2012 election.  They are laying the groundwork with their symphony of articles, blog postings and media messages.  They are speaking to women, telling them that if they stand with the pocketbook woman, they are not part of a bigger cause, and that they are ultimately alone.   They further propagate the misconception that there will be no breaking through another milestone for women because anyone other than the Liberal woman is not worthy of following or electing. 

The liberal establishment claims to seek “parity” but what they really want is “parroting”.  In a rapid sound bite, the two words sound very similar.  They need to accept that parity will never be achieved without women of all political stripes.

The liberal establishment knows that there is no more powerful voting populace than the “women vote” because women are reliable and they will bring their friends, spouses, significant others, etc. to the polls with them.    

The little secret in most political campaigns is that the strategy to speak to women voters is usually housed in the “coalitions” department. 

The strategy for earning the women vote should be housed in the main “war room” of the campaign, not in some backroom office.  Truth be told, there aren’t that many seasoned women political operatives versus their male counterparts. 

Therefore, changing age-old political ways of conducting campaigns is hard.  It is not enough to have a ”auxiliary club (aka coalition)” or pink buttons any longer, actively speaking to women about the key issue of the day (jobs, economy and spending) is critical to anyone seeking to her vote.   Competitive races up and down ticket in 2012 will be won by candidates that make the effort to earn her vote.

That’s why having more than one woman running for the highest office in the land and having the common sense, pocketbook women challenging traditional political thought is so worrisome to the political establishment. 

They know that once Alice realizes that she can make her voice heard and candidates and public policy wonks need her to win there will be no stopping her.

 She will replace the old ways with new, and bring other women through the looking glass with her.

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  • I just want to say your article is spot on and truly a fantastic expose of the Democratic Party’s treatment of women. I have written a little about the marginalization of conservative gay people by the left as well. Women face the same kind of biased, prejudicial treatment at the hand of the ‘progressive’ movement. They presume we must all think like they do in their cookie cutter identity political models. When someone dares to think outside their collectivist box, they go screaming and cursing at the person. It is time we speak truth to power, as you did. Thank you for that beautiful piece of work.

  • voicescw

    Thanks for the comment!