Dora the Explorer reminds Swiper, “No Swiping!” follow the map to sustainability instead.

Dora the Explorer reminds Swiper, “No Swiping!” follow the map to sustainability instead. by Jennifer DeJournett

In February, we wrote an Opinion Piece titled, “Dora the Explorer in Search of a Budget Solution”.  

Minnesota has been shut down because Swiper is determined to swipe more tax revenue and continue to spend it at an unsustainable rate.

It appears that our great state of Minnesota and our nation is divided firmly into two camps. 

There are those that believe that it’s time to listen to our wise friend Boots, get control of our spending,  and make sound choices for our future. There are also those that have decided to listen to Swiper and continue consuming as if tomorrow will never come.  There never will be enough for Swiper and his ilk.

The problem with the latter camp is that tomorrow will come, quicker than we expect.   Our society is aging and cannot sustain the current level of spending.  Our economy is not recovering despite major stimulus programs. 

The result is that tax coffers are not refilling as quickly.  Rather than taking an honest look at spending and rightsizing to fit our ability to sustain, Swiper suggests reaching into the pocketbooks of family businesses and our fellow citizen to refill the bottomless pit of spending. 

What Swiper isn’t telling you is that the proposed tax swipe will not be enough.  Taxes on the state and Federal level will keep rising at a rapid pace to pay for the out-of- control spending and the interest on the money borrowed long ago.   The promise of just taking from those greedy people who make “a million dollars” will soon turn to another subset of business and families as the “rich” are taxed away. 

By the end, we all will have less in our pocketbooks while the Government spends even more than we can possibly sustain.

Dora reminds Swiper that there is a map to fiscal responsibility.  There is nothing new or special about the map.  It is going back to the basics and rethinking what Government is doing, should be doing and where we have overstepped. 

 It isn’t about “No Government” because that is not realistic.  “Smart Government” is about perpetually asking oneself if the action being taken is the role of Government.  Is there no other way to accomplish the need other than a government entity becoming the sole service provider?  Is this function critical?  And what purpose does this spending choice serve for our economy?   Finally, what is the exit strategy for this spending item should we decide we no longer want to keep funding this program?

While the shutdown is painful for many, it does provide us an opportunity get our bearings, take a moment to look at the map and consider a new direction.  We need to find our way back before we get lost in a future so riddle with debt that we won’t be able to climb out any longer.   

Let’s tell Swiper that we aren’t willing to follow him into the valley of wasteful spending any longer.  We will do the hard work and get our economy and State back on track. Now is the time to stand firm. 

What we said in February is still true today and we hope that leaders of today will hold firm for the best interest of our State and Nation.

 Let’s not be fooled by Swiper and false promises any longer.  There is no quick fix to this economic mess and there is no “Magicland” where the choices will be resolved by raising taxes on families and businesses. We need to take a lesson from Dora and say “Swiper, NO Swiping!”  No, Swiper, you can’t swipe any longer from the taxpayers while they are distracted by their real-world troubles.  It’s time for Dora’s simple map to get us back to living within our means.” ~ February 2011

Author  Note:

Thanks to my 3 year old Claire who reminded me today that Dora needed to remind Swiper to not swipe and sometimes “timeouts” are a good thing for everyone.

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