The DriveThru Economy

The Drive Thru Economy by Jennifer DeJournett

No one really likes fast food.   Moms in minivans stop there on their way home from a busy day because they did not have time to make something for their crockpot.   We look at the drive thru menu with a bit of disdain because we know the food will only solve an immediate need, and that it does not provide a healthy, sustainable means to feed our families. 

Elected officials have been spending our country’s treasures in a similar fashion.  They know that tough choices are ahead for our economy.  We have unfunded pension obligations at every level of government, Social Security, Medicare and a deteriorating infrastructure. 

Rather than taking the time to prepare healthy solutions for their constituents, our leaders drive thru their terms with a series of value menu fixes.  They feed fast food solutions to one complaining group after another to satisfy them ahead of each election cycle at the same time blaming others for the cause of their unhealthy menu.  Unfortunately, our country can no more live on continuous “value menu” entitlements than our children can live on a sole diet of French fries.

The debt levels have risen so high that we now refuse to see the impact on our economic health.  The thought that we can “stimulate” an economic recovery with more public sector spending is like saying your son just needs one more milkshake to get him through the school day. 

How ironic that while the liberal left worries about our health to the extent that they would like to dictate our food choices, they have no problem piling the economic equivalent of sugar and saturated fats into our economy, masked under their special sauce of faux “economic investments”.

We can continue on the path of quick economic fixes or we can take this moment to make a decision as a nation.  The left likes to take “crisis” as an opportunity to expand the governments reach.   But this time we cannot let them succeed because we have seen where the path of spending more than you have ends in the drive thru lanes of history.

We must ask our leaders to not be tempted to make quick fixes this time. We stand firm with them in these times and resist the temptations of false promises and leaders.   The time to reevaluate the role of government in our lives and our own ability to make a difference has arrived for a new generation to have their voice heard. 

We either accept the responsibility or drive thru that responsibility and leave work undone for a future generation to have to clean up instead.   No more quick fixes.  Let’s go home, fire up the oven, and make ourselves a healthy meal for a change.

AUTHOR NOTE:  Article is published in Smart Girl Politics, Smart Girl Nation Magazine,  March 22, 2011.

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