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Supporters may choose to donate to our VOICES of Conservative Women nonprofit organization and/or State Political Action Committee (State PAC). Descriptions are provided below.

Option A – DONATION TO VOICES of Conservative Women (501c4 nonprofit)

Donations to VOICES nonprofit will be used to fund VOICES of Conservative Women training programs, issue advocacy, outreach, and policy education efforts. CONTRIBUTIONS ARE NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Option B – DONATION TO VOICES of Conservative Women State PAC (VOICESPAC)

Donations to VOICESPAC will be used for election activities; donations to endorse candidates & independent expenditures (mailing, radio ads, Get Out the Vote efforts, etc). STATE PAC FUNDS WILL BE USED FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES. CONTRIBUTIONS ARE NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

We also accept donations via mail to either fund.

Mail donations to (please indicate fund in memo line):

VOICES of Conservative Women, PO Box 2514 Maple Grove, MN 55311 612-460-1870

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