The Nanny State Strikes Again – No Hand Soap for You!

Our hard-working friends at Smart Girl Politics (SGP) have turned up a new issue that has been notably absent from mainstream media coverage of late.    

Beyond Pesticides” and “Food and Water Watch” environmental groups are asking the EPA to ban an antimicrobial agent Triclosan, which is present in many of the products we use every day (hand soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.)  In response, the EPA may be wielding its far-reaching authority to regulate the agent.

SGP is running a petition drive to stop the EPA from banning the use of Triclosan in everyday products. 

Where are the news stories talking about this issue?  If not for the savvy gals at Smart Girl Politics, the public would probably never hear of this issue. 

There are bigger questions that need to be answered.  If this chemical is removed from products that have been sold for decades, what will be used in its place?  Will that “new” product be safe, will it be as effective, and what will be the cost in the grocery store aisle?   Will any replacement product be acceptable to the environmental groups seeking to ban the use of this common agent?

Bottom line, the public needs more information and the EPA needs to take the time to complete a thorough review of the costs and benefits of any proposed decision.    

We applaud the SGP gals for making their voices heard and making sure the public knows about this issue.


Here is what the Smart Girl Politics ladies are saying:    Decades ago, scientists discovered bacteria-killing chemicals that help people all over the world stay healthy. But today, in the United States, some environmental extremists want us to take a huge step backward by banning these chemicals. In fact, they have petitioned the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban one of these chemicals: Triclosan   Triclosan is often used in antibacterial soaps and has been proven to help reduce the risk of infection. The call for EPA to ban Triclosan is part of a larger campaign by environmental extremists to take control of what products are available to the American consumer. These groups want to decide which goods are best for you and your family, and essentially eliminate your freedom of choice. The move to ban Triclosan would be a huge step in the wrong direction — for both human health and the freedom of choice. The only winners would be environmental groups who pride themselves on bending the will of government to mirror their radical viewpoints. Let’s take a stand and prevent that from happening.”

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  • Mary Lee Maloney

    I am a conservative woman (not always so) who finally had enough of the excesses of liberalism and decided to join my husband in calling myself a conservative.
    Having attended U.C. Berkeley and recieved my M.Ed., in 1981, and having worked in the Chicago Public Schools, as a Reading Specialist, I have arrived at a certain point of view regarding what ails our schools.
    Glad to find your group! Sounds like a very good thing-MLM