2012 VOICESPAC Minnesota Endorsements


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Jennifer DeJournett, (612) 460-1870voicespac@voicesofconservativewomen.orgVOICES of Conservative Women PAC

VOICESPAC 2012 Minnesota Endorsements

Endorsements Announced

(Minnesota – July 9, 2012, updated August 11, 2012, August 25, 2012, Sept 20, 2012) – VOICES of Conservative Women State PAC (VOICESPAC) announces their 1st round of endorsements in the 2012 election cycle.

Jennifer DeJournett, President of VOICES of Conservative Women and Exec. Director of VOICESPAC said “VOICESPAC believes the following candidates demonstrate dedication, well-rounded experience and a strong commitment to their communities. Their clear focus on reforming government, promoting jobs, and improving the economy is what Minnesotans need in their elected leaders at all levels of government. Therefore, we enthusiastically endorse the following women candidates in 2012 and we will support their campaigns,” continued DeJournett.

VOICES of Conservative Women (VOICES) was formed in late 2009 to help train and support the next generation of women leaders and/or candidates at all levels of government who support fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free market principles. VOICES’s political fund (VOICESPAC) stands with and elects common sense pocket book women leaders who support our ideals.

If you know of a great candidate or are running in 2012 and would like to be considered for endorsement by VOICESPAC, email voicespac@voicesofconservativewomen.org or call 612-460-1870 for additional information. VOICESPAC endorses and supports candidates at ALL levels of government.

Minnesota Legislative Candidates *

Michelle Benson, MN State Senate (31), incumbent

Karin Housley, MN State Senate (39), candidate

April King, MN State Senate (42), candidate

Julianne Ortman, MN State Senate (47), incumbent

Janis Quinlan, MN State Senate (54), candidate

Carrie Ruud, MN State Senate (10), candidate (fmr State Senator)

Diane Anderson, MN State Representative (51A), incumbent

Mandy Benz, MN State Representative (37A), candidate

Pam Cunningham, MN State Representative (53A), candidate

Sondra Erickson, MN State Representative (15A), incumbent

Mary Franson, MN State Representative (8B), incumbent

Terry Jacobson, MN State Representative (49B), candidate

Andrea Kieffer, MN State Representative (53B), incumbent

Kathy Lohmer, MN State Representative (39B), incumbent

Jenifer Loon, MN State Representative, incumbent

Pam Myhra, MN State Representative (56A), incumbent

Joyce Peppin, MN State Representative (34A), incumbent

Roz Peterson, MN State Representative (56B), candidate

Cindy Pugh, MN State Representative (33B), candidate

Linda Runbeck, MN State Representative, incumbent

Stacey Stout, MN State Representative (43A), candidate

Peggy Scott, MN State Representative (35A), incumbent

Anna Wills, MN State Representative (57B), incumbent

*Additional MN Representative and MN Senate candidates are being reviewed.

For the most current list visit our website, click here.

Minnesota Local Candidates *

Julie Braastad, Anoka County Commissioner, candidate

Rhonda Sivarajah, Anoka County Commissioner, incumbent

Robyn West, Anoka County Commissioner, incumbent

Penny Steele, Three Rivers Park Commissioner, candidate

Cheryl Ayotte Carver County Commissioner, candidate

Jane Fraizer for Elk River School Board, candidate

Holly Thompson for Elk River School Board, incumbent

Lisa Belak for Roseville City Council, candidate

*Additional local candidates are being reviewed are being reviewed.

For the most current list visit our website, click here.

There are many opportunities to help strong women leaders win this fall. We have the ability for you to make calls from your home and connect you with people on the ground working to make sure our common sense pocket book message is heard by voters. Email voicespac@voicesofconservtivewomen.org for additional information and with questions.

We also need help raising funds so that we can fund our candidates and make calls, mail and outreach to voters in their communities! Please donate $25, $50 or $100 (or more) to help us make a difference today! www.pleasecontribute.com/7931 We need your help today!

If you have any questions or would like additional information, contact voicespac@voicesofconservtivewomen.org or call 612-460-1870.


VOICES of Conservative Women (VOICES) is a national non-partisan, 501(c)(4) organization working to encourage more women to become involved in public policy and provide them

information they need to make their voice heard on the key issues of the day. VOICES also works to train and support the next generation of women leaders at all levels of government who support fiscal responsibility, limited government and free market principles.

VOICESPAC, a 527 political fund of VOICES, works to elect women candidates who support our core principles. For more information, visit www.voicesofconservativewomen.org

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