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A New Women’s Organization Launches in Wisconsin

VOICES PAC launches new chapter in Wisconsin to empower women to make their voices heard

Madison, Wisconsin October 2013 VOICES of Conservative Women PAC (VOICES PAC) officially launched VOICES PAC Wisconsin, the first formal affiliate of the VOICES of Conservative Women organization. 

VOICES PAC has successfully elected over 35 common sense pocketbook women to elected office since inception and are pleased to welcome our Wisconsin friends into our organization.   We are also pleased to announce that Vicky Ostry will be leading the effort as the State Director of Wisconsin.

“Women are the key to winning elections at all levels of government.  Our common sense pocketbook message has resonated with women voters and candidates since our inception in 2009.   Expanding our winning track record by launching VOICES PAC Wisconsin is important because commonsense, pocketbook women leaders need to have a strong network of support in order to prevail on election day and have their voices heard,” said Jennifer DeJournett, President of VOICES of Conservative Women

“Electing women to public office has an immense impact on our state,” said Vicky Ostry, State Director of VOICES PAC Wisconsin. “Both men and women are concerned about the economy, about how to provide for themselves and their families.  But women bring to elected office life experiences and policy perspectives that differ from men.  Our state will reap the benefits of having more conservative women’s perspectives in Wisconsin’s State Capitol as well as on our county boards, school boards and city councils.”

Women voters outvote their male counterparts in every election cycle. Building a strong multi-state organization that will support commonsense pocketbook women is critical to increasing the number of women leaders at all levels of government.

“One can not understate importance of electing women to office and appealing to women voters,” DeJournett said. “Combining our efforts is an important step for our organization.   By forging a national network that can assist women candidates: pocketbook women candidates will have an organization that will fill the void of financial support for the women leaders of tomorrow.  Making sure that women are engaged in the political process and elected to office is critical to our mission. We are looking forward continuing our winning tradition in Wisconsin.”

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VOICES of Conservative Women (VOICES) is a national 501c4 nonpartisan women’s organization formed to help train and support the next generation of women leaders and/or candidates at all levels of government who support fiscal responsibility, limited government and free market principles. VOICES will work to educate the general public on key issues and on the need to elect leaders who support those ideals.

VOICESPAC, a 527 political fund of VOICES, works to elect commonsense pocketbook women candidates who support our core principles.

For Additional Information Contact:  Jennifer DeJournett, President VOICES of Conservative Women / 612-460-1870 /

Vicky Ostry, State Director – Wisconsin / 414-944-1805 /

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